Best way to keep heart healthy 2023

Best way to keep heart healthy

The heart is an important organ among the various organs of the human body. Survival, strength, physical performance, emotions, everything in life depends on the performance of the heart. By circulating blood through the heart, nutrients and energy are circulated to different parts of the body, oxygen is supplied and carbon dioxide is released. If any other organ is useless or damaged, only that organ's function is disturbed, the efficiency is lost. Yet, when the heart is harmed or stops, people pass away. So if the heart is good, a person will be healthy, if the heart is functional, the person will also be strong.

Again, if the heart is affected and becomes weak, the person will also become weak. Again, if its efficiency decreases, the physical and mental efficiency of people decreases. This important organ should therefore be maintained and proper efforts should be made for it. It should also be remembered that once a heart attack is cured, the whole person is still at risk and regular check-ups along with the treatment of other diseases should be done carefully according to the rules. As the saying goes, 'Prevention is better than cure'. So preventive measures should be taken to keep this organ in good condition. Improved treatment of various infectious diseases has started to reduce and control them. On the other hand, non-communicable diseases are increasing, among which heart disease is emerging as one of the health problems.

If the patient with heart attack can be transferred to the hospital in time, it is possible to provide many modern treatments for heart disease. Yet, if the heart condition is not identified sooner, the patient frequently passes away before receiving treatment. So prevention is the most important.

Causes of heart disease

Family heart disease history, diabetes, high-blood pressure, excessive smoking, overweight or obesity and sedentary lifestyle, excessive salt intake, unhealthy diet, excessive anxiety, excessive alcohol consumption.

Foods harmful to the heart are:

Foods like fried food, fast food and sweets are not heart healthy. They are high in cholesterol, high in calories and can be unhealthy. Try to use convenience foods such as baked goods, sauces, raw vegetables, green vegetables and chips. They can be associated with high cholesterol and high risk. Try to eat more simple foods. Processed foods should not be consumed. These can be more harmful and harmful to the heart. Try not to eat too much sugar and sweets. They are high in calories and may increase the risk of diabetes or heart disease.

Certain foods can harm heart health such as:

01 Fat can be extremely harmful to the heart. Meat and fat-based foods high in fat and fish will generally be harmful to the heart.

02 Diuretic foods can harm heart health. Aggravating foods such as snacks or diuretic foods should be avoided.

03 Foods that are heavily spiced or seasoned, such as sandwiches, barbecued meals and fast food, can also be harmful to the heart.

04 High-carbohydrate and high-potato diets may be harmful to the heart as a normal part of the beauty officer's lifestyle.

Ways to keep the heart healthy

A healthy heart is essential for a healthy, normal and happy life. But keeping this device healthy is a big challenge. The modern society continuously forces the heart into adversity through various changes in lifestyle and job environment. Even so, the heart must be kept in good condition. And so there is no alternative to living a disciplined life. Below are 10 tips to keep the heart healthy in obesity-

01 Atherosclerosis is more common in diabetic patients. As a result, high blood pressure occurs with age. So patients must keep diabetes under control.

02 It is possible to reduce the risk of high blood pressure by making lifestyle changes.A doctor should routinely check your blood pressure. The earlier hypertension is identified, the sooner it can be managed and problems or difficulties can be avoided.

03 Smoking is one of the main enemies of the heart. In response to various toxic substances in the body of smokers, high blood pressure, various diseases of arteries and veins and heart disease can occur. Smoking is strictly prohibited. Avoid contact with smokers. Tobacco leaves, jorda, flowers etc. should also be avoided.

04 If you don't do enough exercise and physical activity, you may gain weight. This causes the heart to overwork, as a result of which people who are overweight can develop various diseases of the arteries, veins and heart disease, including high blood pressure. Eating and drinking should be controlled and exercise should be done regularly. Every day about 30 minutes of journey or environment should be used. Sufficient amount of water should be drunk.

05 Losing weight by taking drugs is dangerous. It is better not to take weight loss medicine without doctor's advice. Obesity can lead to many problems starting from heart disease. As a result, attention should be paid to maintaining a balanced and correct weight.

06 There is no other way to keep the heart healthy like exercise. Morning-evening walking, running if possible, light exercise, using stairs instead of elevator etc. Not necessarily going to the gym. Can be practiced at home. If you can't do that, you must walk every day.

07 Table salt contains sodium, which increases the water content of the blood. As a result, blood volume increases and blood pressure increases, which can lead to heart disease. Excess salt beyond the required salt in curries should be avoided. Many eat raw salt with food. It must be discarded. Too much salt raises blood pressure. From this there is a danger of causing problems in the heart.

08 High fat in the blood, excess fatty foods, excess cholesterol in the blood causes the walls of blood vessels to become thick and hard. This can lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.Eat foods that are low in fat and low in cholesterol. For example, beef or beef, liver, brain, gills, kidneys, should be eaten less. Foods cooked with less oil and non-dairy milk, unsaturated fats such as soybean, canola, corn oil or sunflower oil can be eaten. A healthy person should have a few servings of suitable nutritious food and only one preparation like sweets and biscuits.

09 Excessive anger, tension, fear and stress can also cause blood pressure and heart disease. Regular rest, sleep on time, the body should rest from excessive fatigue.Doing your hobby, practicing your religion, etc. will give you more peace of mind. Excessive stress is terrible for health. That's why sports, chatting, reading, yoga and meditation can be good stress relievers. Good sleep every night is good for health.

10 Excessive drinking should be avoided. Consuming too much alcohol means raising blood pressure. It also affects heart rate. For good health and a strong heart, like smoking, drinking should also be quit.

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